High Grade Low Speed Axial Crusher

Exceptional crushing performance and maintainability
High performance crusher for enhanced production efficiency

- Higher grade performance than the SCUTTER SA
- Originally designed durable blades
  that assuredly grasp and crush any shape of material
- Long life bearing with new sealing mechanism
- Easy maintenance because of double-acting blade opening
- Improved rust prevention
  owing to nonelectrolytic nickel plating on lining

Outer dimensions are given for the running state.

■ Sound consistent crushing

All types of resins are assuredly and evenly crushed using originally designed durable blades and a drive system that is directly coupled to a high torque motor. Crushed materials are of a consistent shape and size, and produce little dust, which enhances conveyance and plasticizing and consequently improves productivity.

Double-acting opening system

■ Improved maintainability and durability

A double-acting opening makes it easy to open the crusher. It ensures more space in the chamber and enables cleaning in every corner. Moreover, studless linings are used in the crushing chamber and bearings are equipped with a new seal to thoroughly prevent dust infiltration. These features greatly improve both maintainability and mechanical durability.

Bridge prevention unit
2-stock suction valve ZB-13 (Valve and controller)
Height adjustable hopper
W hopper
Type S suction tank
Type T stock tank

■ High stock level warning

A level gauge detects when crushed material reaches the tank’s high capacity limit. In that case, crushing stops and a full indication lamp lights on the control panel.
This option is for the type S suction tank. Not applicable the SX-110.

■ Bridge prevention unit

Crushed material in the tank is mixed by the rotating action of a paddle to prevent bridging that can destabilize conveyance.
This option is for the type S suction tank. Not applicable the SX-110.

■ 2-stock suction valve ZB-13

Two types of stock such as virgin resin and crushed resin can be alternately suctioned using the ZB-13 branched suction valve. Mixing ratio can be adjusted by controlling switching time.
This option is for the type S suction tank. Not applicable the SX-110.
2-stock suction valve  ZB-13

■ U-stand

U-stand is shaped to enable crushed material packing directly into bags. A tank is not included. Outer dimensions during operation change as indicated in the table.

WxDxHmm406x316x1,070490x340x1,200 665x540x1,390865x690x1,635

■ Height adjustable hopper

The height of the hopper can be adjusted to conditions of use. Height can be selected from 3 levels: H1 -- H3.

Hopper heightmm200200200 200
Loading port dimensionsmm260 x 245295 x 305 380 x 360465 x 460
Full machine height
(When mounted on standard stand)
mm8801,040 1,3051,595
Full machine height
(When mounted on U-stand)
mm1,2701,400 1,5901,835
Hopper heightmm350350350 350
Loading port dimensionsmm260 x 245295 x 305 380 x 360465 x 460
Full machine height
(When mounted on standard stand)
mm1,0301,190 1,4551,745
Full machine height
(When mounted on U-stand)
mm1,4201,550 1,7401,985
Hopper heightmm500500500 500
Loading port dimensionsmm260 x 245295 x 305 380 x 360465 x 460
Full machine height
(When mounted on standard stand)
mm1,1801,340 1,6051,895
Full machine height
(When mounted on U-stand)
mm1,5701,700 1,8902,135

■ W hopper

The dispersal of crushed material is greatly inhibited by the inclined profile and internal curtain.
Not applicable the SX-110.

Hopper heightmm350500500
Hopper heightmm295 x 305380 x 360465 x 460
Full machine height
(When mounted on standard stand)
mm1,1901,605 1,895
Full machine height
(When mounted on U-stand)
mm1,5501,890 2,135

■ Loading hopper with viewing window

This loading hopper comes with viewing windows for monitoring crushing and running status. There are 2 windows located at the front and rear.
Not applicable the SX-110.

■ Suction tank/Stock tank

Tank can be selected between an type S suction tank that is equipped with a suction nozzle for inline insertion, and a type T stock tank that is convenient for standalone crushing operations.

■ Crusher blade resizing

Crusher blades can be changed to differing sizes. The G type blades are specially shaped to produce crushed material of consistent dimensions, which improves weighing accuracy. They are suited for precision molding using a small diameter screw. However, processing capacity is less than with the ordinary blades. Blade sizes available for the different models are shown below.

3 x 3Standard---
3 x 3G---
4 x 4Standard-
4 x 4G-
4 x 5--
5 x 5-StandardStandard
5 x 5G--
5 x 6--
6 x 6---
6 x 6G-
7 x 7G--
8 x 8G---

■ SH type crusher blade

The SH type crusher blades are made of high speed steel of improved wear resistance. With the SH type crusher blades, it is recommended to change out the large/small rotating blades and stationary blade as a set, but replacing just the stationary blade extends the service life of the blades.
Contact us for delivery times for the SH type crusher blades.

■ Hardened guide blade (For standard size blade)

The guide blade can be tempered for enhanced hardening. A harder blade is effective for crushing hard resins that contain glass fiber, for example. Tempering is available only for standard size blades.
Contact us for detailed specifications.

■ Stationary blade for soft resin

This specially designed stationary blade ensures stable crushing of soft resins such as elastomers, etc.
Contact us for detailed specifications.

■ Power cable

The standard power cable is 4 m long, but other lengths are available.

■ Color

Provide samples if desiring colors other than the STOLZ standard color (shown in photos).

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