Mold Temperature Controller

High accuracy digital control
Various model lineup for diverse applications

- Employs a high pressure, high flowrate pump
- Accurate temperature management using PID control
- Digital setting/displays for simple operation
- Low operating noise

The max. flowrate is given for a discharge pressure of 0.1 MPa.
Supply water filter
Heat-resistant Teflon hose
Heat-resistant Teflon hose (Insulated)

■ Supply water filter

Installing this filter on the water supply (cooling water inlet) removes impurities from cooling water, which is effective towards protecting pumps and molds, and reducing trouble.

■ Heat-resistant Teflon hose

Heat-resistant Teflon hoses may be separately procured.

■ Heat-resistant Teflon hose (Insulated)

You can also choose insulated heat-resistant Teflon hose (withstands temperatures of 200˚C). An external polyester braid and lagging material produce an excellent insulation effect.
If using the TC series at 120 -- 150℃, use one of the above types of heat-resistant Teflon hose.

■ Air purge

The air purge can be added.
Not applicable the TC series.

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