Line Filter

Compact and high performance
Thoroughly removes both plastic and iron dust

- Assured dust separation by the centrifugal effect of a cyclone
- Wide variations for a variety of needs
- Powerful internal magnet type included in lineup

■ High performance line filter

A line filter can be installed on the supply line or hopper to thoroughly remove dust. Dust and dirt passes through a bag filter under the centrifugal separation effect of the cyclone generated inside the cylinder, and is separated out as material. The discharged dust settles under gravity into the collection hose or tank where accumulated. All surfaces coming in contact with material are made of stainless steel to prevent any new dust from generating. For general resins, select the GF series. For transparent, optical resins that dislike contamination, select the GX.

Constructure of the GF-15 and GF-25

■ Applicable with diverse applications

Line filter can be mounted on the supply line or hopper. A choice can be made as best suited for your application.

■ The GF-15 and GF-25 incorporate powerful magnets

This filter thoroughly removes plastic pellet dust and magnetic powders such as iron dust at the same time. To begin with, iron dust contained in material introduced to the cylinder is drawn out by a powerful magnet. Then, using the centrifugal separation effect of the cyclone generated inside the cylinder, dust passes through the bag filter and separates from the material for collection. Thoroughly removing dust greatly reduces defects caused by spotting or foreign matter infiltration. The magnet has a protective stainless steel sheath to prevent wear by material. The structure is simple and easy to maintain.

Acrylic dust tank
Filter stand

■ ø3 mm filter

The mesh diameter of the standard specification filer is 2 mm, but a 3 mm type can be selected for large size pellets.

■ Acrylic dust tank

This transparent acrylic dust tank is for the GF-20-003 and GF25-003. It makes it possible to check collected dust results from time to time. The tank holds 6.5 L.

■ Filter stand

This filter stand is for the GF-20-003 and GF25-003.

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