Dehumidifying Dryer

High performance heatless dry air unit incorporated
Normal Mode and Energy-saving Mode

- Adjustable dehumidifying air injection rate. Switchable between
  Normal Mode and Energy-saving Mode.
- Heatless dry air unit that delivers cryogenic dehumidification
  at –50˚C and maintenance-free operation
- Round System for high efficiency drying and airtight structure
  to prevent outside air penetration
- Energy-savings and stable temperature control
  using ceramic heaters and SSC control
- Available in open and close conveying systems

Drying capacity is given for PC drying.
Round System

■ Round System

STOLZ’s Round System supplies and circulates dehumidifying air of –50˚C generated by a heatless dry air unit through a closed system consisting of a completely airtight blower, filter, heater and dryer drum. Because it does not contain complicated processes for recooling or reheating, the system saves on energy and does not require cooling water.
  Moreover, it is maintenance-free because the air used for drying is not recuperated and the heatless dry air unit can withstand long-term use without performance losses caused by special designs.

■ Switchable between Normal Mode and Energy-saving Mode

The NS series dryer can switch between a Normal Mode that provides high efficiency resin drying and an Energy-saving Mode” that reduces dehumidifying air injection rate by about 40%. This enables users to match operating efficiency to resin characteristics, as the “normal mode” can be used for engineering plastics and other resins that require thorough drying, and the “energy-saving mode” can be used for general-purpose resins, etc.

Open conveying system (left) and Closed conveying system (right)

■ Open conveying system

The open conveying system draws in secondary air from suction nozzles to provide secondary conveyance to the molding machine. Together with a simple mechanical structure, the system is economical.

■ Closed conveying system

The closed conveying system transfers plastic to the molding machine over an airtight circuit using suction force. Because secondary air is not drawn into the circuit, it shuts out moisture found in the surrounding environment, thus enabling thorough drying.

Drying performance

■ Exceptional drying performance and clean production environment

No matter which engineering plastic resin is used, the DEZAT NS series demonstrates exceptional drying performance that improves molding precision. All parts that come in contact with pellet stock are made of SUS304 and polished to a #400 finish, and a high level of cleanliness is provided via a 25μm filter, etc. Moreover, operations can be smoothly resumed from the stopped state, as stock in the drum does not absorb moisture while the system is not running.

Honeycomb system

■ Comparison with the honeycomb system

With a honeycomb system, heated circulating air must be cooled by an after-cooler and then reheated by a heater. Because it required cooling water and other feeds, energy demand is high. Moreover, dehumidification performance can drop as circulating air is contaminated by plasticizer, etc. And, because large quantities of hot air are exhausted in regenerating drying capacity, it is less efficient than the Round System.

■ Easy-to-use design

Maintenance has been improved with easy-to-detach panels and a large opening in the drum.

■ High operability and safety and protective features

An easy-to-operate touch panel comes standard for controlling heater temperature to a high degree of precision via SSC control. The dryer also is equipped with safety and protective features that monitor for and shut down the hardware in the event of abnormal temperatures and fan troubles, and activate alarms for high/low limits, inadequate supplies, etc.

2-stock suction valve
Controller for 2-stock suction valve
Line filter GF-20-002
Line filter GF-25-002
Compact rotating lamp (Pedestal type)
Compact rotating lamp (Direct coupling type)
Integrated signal tower

■ Stock feeding to 2 -- 4 molding machines

The NS series can supply dried resin stock to 2 -- 4 molding machines using multiple feed branch lines and air branch valves.

■ Higher powered blower

Feed blower capacity can be increased if the standard dryer has trouble supplying molding machines because of longer conveying distances or heavy resin weights.
Not applicable the NS-10, NS-15 and NS-200.
The standard conveying distance is given for one-way suction of PC over a STOLZ hose.

NS-25 -- NS-75NS-100, NS-150
Conveying distancem1020
Performance increasing rate%5050

■ 2-stock suction valve  ZB-13

Two types of stock such as virgin material and crushed material can be simultaneously loaded into the same dryer using the ZB-13 branched suction valve. And, the ZB-13 can be externally connected to a dedicated independent controller. This makes it easier to monitor suction status, etc.
 2-stock suction valve  ZB-13

■ Low stock level gauge

Material depletion in the drying drum caused by trouble in dryer feed (primary loading) is signaled by a buzzer and warning lamp (ordered separately). See “Warning lamp” to choose a warning lamp.

■ Line filter  GF-20-002, GF-25-002

A line filter can be installed on the molding machine hopper to thoroughly remove dust. Applicable models are GF-20-002 and GF25-002. The GF25-002 incorporates powerful magnets for removing even iron dust.
 Line filter  GF/GX

■ Hopper plate and attachment for installation on molding machine

An installation plate and attachment are separately needed to install the hopper on molding machines that do not meet the standard specifications shown in the table, therefore indicate those specifications when ordering.

NS-10, NS-15NS-25 -- NS-200
Bolt pitchmm58 x 5880 x 80
Bolt standardM6 x 4M8 x 4
Feeding port dia.mm3850

■ Top-down feeding line

Dried stock can be fed to molding machines (secondary conveying) from above.

■ 100 V operating circuit

Operating circuit voltage is changed to 100 V to increase safety.

■ Hose

Specify hose length for non-standard applications.

■ Molding machine hoppers

Select molding machine hoppers of nonstandard sizes and configurations.
 Loder  LK    Hopper  ZH/ZM

■ Warning lamp

If requiring a warning lamp for the "Low stock level gauge", select from the below types.
Compact rotating lamp (Pedestal type): Can be pole-mounted (billed separately). Select from amongst 4 colors; Red/Yellow/Green/Blue.
Compact rotating lamp (Direct coupling type): Available with buzzer. Select from amongst 4 colors; Red/Yellow/Green/Bluet.
Integrated signal tower: Signal tower built for LED lighting and flashing. Available in 1-, 2- and 3-color types with a buzzer. Select from amongst 5 colors; Red/Yellow/Green/Blue/White.

■ Control and alarm options

The below control and alarm options are available to choose from.
Starting/Stopping from remote
External alarm output
Drum stock low alarm
Heater disconnection alarm
Communication capability (232C→RS485 conversion and output)

■ Power cable

The standard power cable is 4 m long, but other lengths are available.

■ Color

Provide samples if desiring colors other than the STOLZ standard color (shown in photos).

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