■ Quality, Speed and Economy ― Proud to Serve the Plastic Industry

Stolz products are known for their industry-leading performance and proven track record. They not only enhance the precision, quality and throughput speed of production but also feature a good balance of energy-saving performance that contributes to production cost reductions, good operability that helps to make work more efficient and durability that ensures stable performance over long periods of time.
   Stolz products fully and powerfully support plastic injection molding, and are a perfect fit to workplaces of all variety, whether working with general-purpose resins or special engineering plastics. You should give them a try.

■ Message from President

STOLZ pushes ahead on the concerted efforts of our entire workforce under the motto of “Quality, Speed and Economy ― Proud to Serve the Plastic Industry.” Though we are decisively small as a company, we are focused on peripheral equipment for plastics engineering as our field of specialty and aim to produce quality that customers prefer in an effort to help them improve their productivity. I ask for your continued patronage.

■ Outline

Company nameSTOLZ Co., Ltd.
Date of establishmentMay 1, 2002
Line of businessDevelopment, manufacturing and sales of plastic molding peripheral equipment and environmental equipment
Quality control
ISO9001 Certification
BanksMUFG Bank, Ltd. Sendai Branch
The Yamagata Bank, Ltt. Tateoka Branch

■ History

Nov, 1959Began operations as Kyowa Co., Ltd. in Kawaguchi, Saitama.
Feb, 1997 Started operations at Yamagata plant.
Started development, design and manufacture of products for Nissui Kakou Co., Ltd.
May, 2002 Renamed company Nissui Co., Ltd and relocated headquarters to Murayama, Yamagata.
Took over sales and aftercare services of Nissui Kakou Co., Ltd. and began operations as a manufacturer of peripheral equipment for plastic injection molding.
Jan, 2003Renamed company STOLZ Co., Ltd.
*STOLZ means a pride in German.

■ Quality policy

We keep promises and offer products with trust and satisfaction of the customer.
1. The observance of the quality
2. The observance of the cost
3. The observance of the delivery time

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