Compact Optical Resin Dehumidifying Dryer with N2 Gas Generator

A built-in N2 gas generator
makes drying with N2 air a whole lot easier

- An N2 gas generator has been incorporated
  into the DEZAT NX-3 and NX-5 compact dehumidifying dryers for optical products
- Applicable with optical products molding machines up to 80 tf class (NX-5N)
- Round System for high efficiency drying and airtight structure
  to prevent outside air penetration

Drying capacity is given for PC drying.
N2 gas Round System

■ N2 gas Round System

An N2 gas Round System has been adopted to supply super low dew point N2 gas in the highlighted closed circulating air drying circuit of the DEZAT series. It brings an N2 gas atmosphere to the already sound drying performance of the closed circuit. The N2 gas generator is built into the machine frame, making it efficient and economical by doing away with external equipment.

Closed conveying system

■ Closed conveying system

The closed conveying system transfers plastic to the molding machine over an airtight circuit using suction force. Because secondary air is not drawn into the circuit, it shuts out moisture found in the surrounding environment, thus enabling thorough drying.

■ High clean factor, contamination-free

Contamination-free drying for maintaining clean room cleanliness is provided via a 3 ┬Ám fine-mesh filter element, clean blower and high performance line filter (recommended option).

Pellet tank KV-5
Stainless steel flexible hoses

■ Inverter-controlled supply blower

The material supply blower is inverter-controlled, making it possible to adjust transport speed so as to minimize material damage and dust generation. For specifications, contact us.

■ Pellet tank KV-5

Tank for stocking virgin optical resin material.
 Pellet tank  KA/KV/KX

■ Hoses

Specify the length of the bare stainless steel flexible hose used to convey stock. (Ferrule ends, 0.5 m markings from 1 -- 4 m, lengths over 4 m possible by connection) Suction hoses of the same length as material hoses are automatically selected.

■ Weekly timer

Machines can be started and stopped automatically by simply setting the days of the week and times that the machine should run.

■ Warning lamp

Integrated signal lamp (red) for signaling overloads or temperature errors. Incorporates warning circuitry.

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