Low Speed Axial Crusher

Unwavering best-seller of trusted performance
Low speed axial crusher suited for midsize molding machines

- Popular low speed axial crusher that established
  the "SCUTTER" as the top-of-line crusher
- Sound low dust crushing using a high toque,
  low speed motor and high durability crusher blades
- Can be used to built economical automated recycle lines at low cost

Outer dimensions are given for the running state. Tank can be selected between an type S suction tank that is equipped with a suction nozzle for inline insertion, and a type T stock tank that is convenient for standalone crushing operations.
Bridge prevention unit
2-stock suction valve ZB-13
Type A loading hopper (Standard)
Type B loading hopper

■ High stock level warning

A level gauge detects when crushed material reaches the tank’s high capacity limit. In that case, crushing stops and a full indication lamp lights on the control panel.
This option is for the type S suction tank. Not applicable the SX-110.

■ Bridge prevention unit

Crushed material in the tank is mixed by the rotating action of a paddle to prevent bridging that can destabilize conveyance.
This option is for the type S suction tank. Not applicable the SX-110.

■ 2-stock suction valve ZB-13

Two types of stock such as virgin resin and crushed resin can be alternately suctioned using the ZB-13 branched suction valve. Mixing ratio can be adjusted by controlling switching time.
This option is for the type S suction tank. Not applicable the SX-110.
2-stock suction valve  ZB-13

■ U-stand

U-stand is shaped to enable crushed material packing directly into bags. A tank is not included. Outer dimensions during operation change as indicated in the table.
Not applicable the SA-46.

WxDxHmm1,254 x 1,000 x1,733

■ Type B loading hopper

In the standard configuration, machines are equipped with the Type A loading hopper, but the hopper can be changed to Type B. However, the Type B loading hopper comes standard when equipped with the U-stand.

Hopper heightmm538572
loading port dimensionsmm469 x 400572 x 400
Full machine height
(When mounted on standard stand)
Full machine height
(When mounted on U-stand)
mm1,733 -

■ Crusher blade resizing

Crusher blades can be changed to differing sizes. Blades sizes are matched to machine models in the table at right.

■ Power cable

The standard power cable is 4 m long, but other lengths are available.

■ Color

Provide samples if desiring colors other than the STOLZ standard color (shown in photos).

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